Cash on Pickup (COP) for PrestaShop (payment module)

PrestaShop payment module designed for accepting cash on pickup in the store, stock or a special pickup place. Service is useful if you allow customers personal pickup of the purchased goods and then pay by cash or bank card.

Current Version 1.0.0
Compatibility PrestaShop 1.4.x - 1.7.x
Multistore support yes
Translations available english, slovak, czech
Installation guide yes
Availability of updates 1 year
Platform PrestaShop e-commerce
Manufacturer Caleydon s.r.o.

More details

29,00 € per license

Note: 1 license = 1 domain
(unlimited use for the sub-domains, multistore and testing)

Available payment options

How the module works?

  1. the customer place an order and chooses Cash on Pickup (COP) payment method;
  2. COP module set "Cash on pickup" order status and send e-mail notification automatically, including location of the pickup place (plus Google maps links), additional custom information and opening hours where customer can arrive for goods (all can be setup in module settings);
  3. when all goods are ready, merchant manually turn order status into "Products ready to pickup" and the customer receive next e-mail notification about that;
  4. when the customer arrive for goods and pay, merchant will change the order status into "Payment received" manually.

Module features

  • module compatibility: PrestaShop 1.4.x - 1.7.x
  • Multistore (Multiple shops) feature supported
  • full multilanguage support - all data can be entered for each language separately
  • quick module installation
  • easy module setup
  • responsive notification e-mail templates
  • working along with 5-step order process and one-page checkout as well
  • automatic implementation of the corresponding new order statuses and e-mail notification templates into PrestaShop: "Cash on Pickup" and "Products ready to pickup"
  • ability to set the pickup place address
  • ability to set and mark pickup place on Google maps
  • ability to set pickup place opening hours
  • ability to display additional information for customer
  • ability to set destination CMS page for contact link
  • automatic payment icon implementation into Front Office
  • ability to change payment icon position control via module administration and assign destination CMS page for icon hyperlink
  • languages available: English, Slovak, Czech

Module installation

  1. Upload folder "cashonpickup" into /modules/ folder via FTP or use module upload tool in Back Office » Modules » Add new module to upload module package.
  2. Install module in: Back Office » Modules
  3. Go into module settings and fill required data.
  4. While module installation the payment icon has been placed into product detail page of your eshop Front Office, also creating a new order statuses: "Cash on Pickup" and "Products ready to pickup" and also uploading notification e-mail templates into PrestaShop.
  5. If any problem occurred, check your data filled into module and PrestaShop configuration first. If the problem still persist, please contact module author.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In the last payment step I received an error message "e-mail template missing". How to fix this problem?
Answer: Go to: Back Office » Orders » Statuses. Edit the payment status "Cash on Pickup" and check if the e-mail template cashonpickup.html is assigned for all available languages correctly. If you can't find this e-mail template in the list, copy template from module folder into /mails/<language>/. Then please try assign e-mail template into payment status once again.

Important: The problem can occur if you are trying to use module with other languages as English, Slovak or Czech. Make sure you need make additional module translation and create e-mail templates cashonpickup.html (.txt) and cashonpickup_alert.html (.txt) for your language too.


version 1.7.2 (12/19/2018)
    x improved displaying an address

version 1.7.1 (05/31/2018)
    x fixed module logo
    x fixed warning notifications

version 1.7.0 (02/19/2017)
    + initial release for PrestaShop 1.7.x (testing environment: PrestaShop
    + front office redesign for PrestaShop 1.7 Classic theme

version 1.6.7 (07/18/2017)
    x fixed displaying address on payment summary page

version 1.6.6 (02/19/2017)
    + added compatibility with "Advanced EU Compliance" module
    + added API key field
    + added responsive feature for image icons
    x fixed Google Map URLs protocol
    x moved "img" and "css" folder into "views" folder
    x updated "Terms and conditions of use" document
    x updated module documentation
    x various module code improvements

version 1.6.5 (01/19/2016)
    x minor changes

version 1.6.4 (10/08/2015)
    + added multi-language support for following fields: Address, Open Hours, Custom notes
    + added amount into payment button
    + added proper breadcrumb on payment execution page
    x fixed minor issues

version 1.6.3 (05/25/2015)
    x improved & unificated CSS to better working with 1.6.x themes
    x improved & fixed notification system
    x updated & unificated documentation

version 1.6.2 (08/29/2014)
    + added the green notification info on confirmation page
    + added the breadcrumb on validation page
    x fixed minor issues

version 1.6.1 (04/21/2014)
    + initial release for PrestaShop 1.6.x
    + new module versioning containing a PrestaShop version
    + added Google maps feature
    + added CMS pages selectors for Contact link destination and link from payment icon in left / right column.
    + added Additional notes for customer
    + added feature to show full contact info and Google map on the last payment page
    + added feature to display / hide pickup address on payments selector page
    + added HTML module Documentation
    + added payment icon in editable format (Adobe Illustrator) to the "docs" folder
    x redesign module Back office for PrestaShop 1.6.x
    x changed order statuses default color
    x redesign e-mail notification templates, including responsive feature


    + added a new feature
    x fixed issue, updated feature
    - removed feature

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Cash on Pickup (COP) payment module

Cash on Pickup (COP) payment module

PrestaShop payment module designed for accepting cash on pickup in the store, stock or a special pickup place. Service is useful if you allow customers personal pickup of the purchased goods and then pay by cash or bank card.

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