GP WebPay for PrestaShop (payment gateway)

PrestaShop payment module for accepting payments by MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club and American Express credit/debit cards.

Current Version 1.0.0
Compatibility PrestaShop 1.5.x - 8.x
Multistore support yes
Translations available english, slovak, czech
Installation guide yes
Availability of updates 1 year
Platform PrestaShop e-commerce
Manufacturer Caleydon s.r.o.

More details

89,00 € per license

Note: 1 license = 1 domain
(unlimited use for the sub-domains, multistore and testing)

Available payment options

GP WebPay payment gateway enables payments using domestic and international cards issued by the MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club and American Express associations. It also supports payments using the digital wallet MasterPass and MasterCard Mobile.

GP WebPay conforms to international standards and it meets the strictest safety requirements of the MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by VISA and SafeKey standards as defined by the MasterCard, VISA and American Express card associations. These standards are designated as 3D Secure and they ensure maximum payment security.

Module features

  • compatibility: PrestaShop 8.x, 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x
  • Multistore (Multiple shops) feature supported
  • quick module installation
  • easy module setup
  • supported cards:
    • MasterCard
    • VISA
    • Diners Club
    • American Express
    • MasterPass (digital wallet)
    • MasterCard Mobile (digital wallet)
  • supported payment currencies:
    • Euro
    • US Dollar
    • Pound sterling
    • Czech koruna
    • Hungarian forint
    • Polish złoty
    • Russian ruble
  • banks allowing GP WebPay payments:
  • languages available: English, Czech, Slovak
  • the possibility of using the three payment currencies simultaneously
  • the possibility to choose order status when customers return into eshop after the payment
  • automatic payment and card icon implementation into Front Office
  • payment icon position control via module administration (left / right column, product detail page)

GP WebPay service implementation steps

  1. Sign contract with your bank for an existing eshop.
  2. GP WebPay provide you merchant ID and information for testing.
  3. Buy, install and setup GP WebPay module in your PrestaShop (see "Installation, setup and module testing").
  4. Test the module in the order process.
  5. If the testing was successful, module is ready to work in live environment.
  6. If any problem occurred, check your settings data filled into module first. If problem still persist, please contact module author.

GP WebPay service information

All current terms and conditions for GP WebPay service will give you bank.
Please, go to GP WebPay website:

Installation, setup and module testing

  1. Upload "gpwebpay" folder into /modules/ folder via FTP or use module upload tool in Back Office » Modules to upload module package.
  2. Install module in: Back Office » Modules
  3. Go into module settings and fill the required following data.:
  4. Set Working Mode option on "Testing" value, and Payment processing Mode on "Automatic (recommended)" value.
  5. Go into settings: Back Office » Payment » Payment modules list, and leave checked the same currencies as you using for GP WebPay module.
  6. Test the module in order process (GP WebPay provide to you testing card number).
  7. When testing is successful, send your Live key (.cer extension file) into GP WebPay company.
  8. Set Working Mode option on "Live" value. With this step is module ready for working in live environment.
  9. While module installation the payment icon has been placed into product detail page of your eshop Front Office.
  10. If any problem occurred, check your settings data filled into module first. If problem still persist, please contact module author.

Payment log

Module using "[PREFIX] _gpwebpay_log" database table for storing the records about GP WebPay payments in your PrestaShop (no sensitive customer data). This table stay untouched if the module will be uninstall or removed. The payment records need to be archived for 5 years.

Last 50 records are listed and available in the GP WebPay module back office.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to hide left / right column in GP WebPay module pages for Front office. Where and how can I adjust it?
Answer: Go into Back Office > Preferences > Themes, and click Edit for current theme. Now you allowed to change displaying the columns for various store pages. Find "module-gpwebpay-payment", "module-gpwebpay-validation" and "module-gpwebpay-error" records for GP WebPay module and adjust displaying columns for your wish.


----------------- PrestaShop 1.7.x & 8.x -----------------

version 1.7.12 (06/01/2023)
    x fixed date bug on PHP 8.1 that prevent module installation
    x fixed referral_uri variable bug on PHP 8.1 that prevent processing of the payment

version 1.7.11 (09/06/2022)
    x fixed country ISO & international phone dial prefix codes

version 1.7.10 (03/06/2022)
    + added displayAdminOrderMainBottom hook
    + added information & action panel about card transaction in the back-office order detail
    + added order payment record if payment state has logable option allowed
    + added an option to choose payment variable symbol type (Order ID or Order reference)
    + added link to list of Payment return codes
    + added LANG payment parameter
    x fixed bug of validating payment in the testing mode (Live Merchant Number was provided instead Testing Merchant Number)

version 1.7.9 (12/01/2021)
    + added an alert about Phone / Mobile number field requirement in customers addresses
    + added phone and mobile phone into ADDINFO parameter
    + added online module documentation
    x fixed variables for inserting a tracking code
    x fixed bug in association of including tracking_codes.tpl template
    x fixed width of URL in debugging mode

version 1.7.8 (09/29/2021)
    MANDATORY UPDATE RELEASE - Merchant Integration Manual HTTP API; version: 1.13 used
    + added ADDINFO parameter (mandatory from 09/30/2021 - the older module versions stop working)

    + added displayOrderDetail hook
    + added "Finish payment" button - the customer is now allowed to pay later from an Order detail / Guest tracking page
    + added "Cancel payment & order" button - the customer is now allowed to cancel the payment and order
    + added an option to redirect customer when the payment was not successful:
       + for "place an order before the payment" order method - redirect into order detial page with "Finish payment" button
       + for "place an order after the payment" order method - redirect back into checkout
    + added variables for adding a marketing & affiliate codes
    + added an warning alert when friendly URLs are disabled and SSL is not available
    + added changing order state when customer cancel the payment (for "place an order before the payment" order method)
    + added Extra email variables
    + added "modern" e-mail templates + TWIG template for generate HTML templates
    + added log file for debugging purposes to recording: request payment info/URL, return payment info/URL, transaction notification
    + added "repeat" controller in order to fix conflict with "payment" controller and PS_PURCHASE_MINIMUM value when calling repeat the payment

    - removed useless payment step - the customer is redirected on payment gateway directly from the checkout page

    x fixed Repeat payment bug with redirection when minimal purchase is no zero - thanks Mr. Jiri Virt (
    x modified multi-currency support
    x fixed parameters in {guest_tracking_url} template email URL
    x improved return URL when guest/customer cancel the order by his choice
    x fixed an issue when friendly URLs were disabled
    x revamped whole payment and redirection process
    x improved payment intro page in the checkout - added information about payment process
    x simplified of the payment execution template
    x updated notification email templates - added "Finish Payment" button
    x fixed order data in notification controller
    x fixed payment return referral URL for log
    x updated VISA and VISA Electron logo, 2021 version
    x improved module code
    x updated module documentation

version 1.7.7 (04/26/2021)
    x updated release - Merchant Integration Manual HTTP API; version: 1.11 used
    + added Apple Pay & Google Pay logos
    + added explanation instruction for customers on the Checkout
    + added fields for testing Merchant ID and Private key password - allow switch between Live & Testing environment without changing module setting
    + added an PHP warning alert
    + added a custom hook {hook h='displaygpwebpayicons'} in order to display module payment icons everywhere you want
    + added Back Office CSS file (displayBackOfficeHeader hook)
    x various code improvements
    x updated module documentation
    - removed module JS file that may affected PrestaShop BO
    + added an option to redirect customer back into checkout when the payment was not successful (for "place an order after the payment" order method)

version 1.7.6 (09/16/2020)
    + added UniCredit Bank (Slovakia)
    x updated module documentation
    + added an alert when Friendly URLs are disabled

version 1.7.5 (05/03/2020)
    + added private notes field
    + added selector for PrestaShop theme (on/off Material Design Icons)
    x payment icons redesign
    x improved module back office - added an icons and buttons
    x fixed return link when the cardholder canceled the payment (PRCODE = 50)

version 1.7.4 (06/28/2019)
    + added "REFERENCENUMBER" parameter for pairing the payments

version 1.7.3 (06/13/2018)
    x changed payment description
    x removed CSOB Cz

version 1.7.2 (03/19/2018)
    x fixed currency ID in the payment process
    x fixed an order of the variables in the URL

version 1.7.1 (02/22/2018)
    x fixed bug in validation process
    x removed max. length parameter for Private key password

version 1.7.0 (12/31/2017)
    + initial release for PrestaShop 1.7.x (testing environment: PrestaShop
    + front office redesign for PrestaShop 1.7 Classic theme


    + added a new feature
    x fixed issue, updated feature
    - removed feature

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Velice pěkně zpracovaný modul. Jednoduché nastavení, funguje jak má.


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Instalace jednoduchá, stačilo vyplnit základní údaje a vložit klíč a první pokusná platba naostro bez jediné chyby.
Velmi oceňuji stoprocentní dotažení detailů - stránka před odesláním objednávky, stránka po dokončení platby, info na stránce košíku - vše dokonale zapadlo do šablony (externí koupená šablona) a nebylo potřeba nic upravovat v souborech designu.
Naprostá spokojenost, díky.

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GP WebPay

GP WebPay

PrestaShop payment module for accepting payments by MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club and American Express credit/debit cards.

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